Tell Us Your Story

The researchers with the Value of Suffering  Project recognize that everybody suffers. From a rock in your shoe to a life-changing loss, suffering is a regular part of everyday life.

The Your Stories section of the VOS site aims to provide a safe place for you to share your suffering in your own words. If you are over 18 and would like to share your story, or for more information about Your Stories, please contact Dr. Jennifer Corns at

Your safety and that of others is of primary importance to us, and so we wish to ensure that you and others are safe from malign influences. As a result, we are happy if you wish your contribution to be anonymised, so that neither members of the Value of Suffering Project, nor members of the general public, know who you are. If, however, you do wish your name to appear with the story, please let us know. (If so, there is the possibility that third parties might contact you to discuss your experiences, although they will not be able to do so via this website.)

In order for your story to be published on the site, you must agree not to identify in your story any third parties who are not in the public domain. (It is OK to mention public figures, or people who have written on related issues in websites, blogs, and other forms of publication.)

You must also agree to say nothing offensive, defamatory.

We would be grateful if you could state agreement with these principles when you contact Dr. Corns.