The Team

The Value of Suffering Project currently has ten members, divided between our core and wider teams. Members have been selected so as to ensure the excellence of our project’s activities and produce significant outcomes.

Core Team

The core team comprises joint PIs, David Bain and Michael Brady, a postdoctoral researcher cum project manager, Jennifer Corns, and a PhD student, Abraham Sapién-Córdoba, all based in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow.

David Bain

David BainDr. David Bain is a philosopher of mind who has published extensively on pain. He has been a leader in debates in the philosophy of pain, and is currently articulating an evaluativist conception of pain.

Michael Brady

Michael BradyProfessor Michael Brady is an accomplished moral philosopher whose principal research area is in the philosophy of emotions. In particular, he has been a leader in exploring the relations among emotion, reason, and value.

Jennifer Corns

Jennifer CornsDr. Jennifer Corns is a philosopher specializing in philosophy of mind and cognitive science. In 2012, she received honors for her PhD, “Pain is Not a Natural Kind”, and has begun publishing on pain and affective experience.

Abraham Sapién-Córdoba

Photo_vos-1Abraham Sapién-Córdoba is a PhD student in philosophy interested in the nature of affective experiences. In 2013 he completed his Masters, “Masochism: on how to like pain,” at the Institut Jean Nicod, and now undergoes a joint PhD supervision both in Paris-Sorbonne and at the University of Glasgow.

Wider Team

The wider team are drawn from numerous disciplines and are a crucial part of the international network of researchers we will assemble during the project. They will participate in, and present work at, our multidisciplinary workshops and conferences. With our core team, they will be available for ongoing discussions and feedback on one another’s work.

Laura Ekstrom

Laura EkstromProfessora Laura Ekstrom is a philosopher of religion and ethics, and metaphysician, at the College of William and Mary, who has published widely on agency and philosophical theology, including recent publications on compassion for those in pain and the value of suffering.

Michael Serpell

Michael SerpellDr. Michael Serpell is a distinguished clinician with research interests in and publications on both acute and chronic pain. Having served numerous posts in the pain science community, he is currently a senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Chairman of the Neuropathic Pain SIG (British Pain Society), and Secretary of the Galsgow and West of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists.

Siri Leknes

Siri LeknesDr. Siri Leknes is a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Oslo who has published on pain and pleasure, and investigated the connections between pain, relief, and threat.

Frederique de Vignemont

Frederique de VignemontDr. Frederique de Vignemont is a philosopher of mind and cognitive scientist at the Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris, who has published widely on bodily awareness and social cognition. She is interested in pain, affective touch, and empathy.

Clare Allely

Clare AllelyDr. Clare Allely is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Salford and an affiliate member of the Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre at Gothenburg University. Her recent projects include a systematic review of pain in individuals with autistic spectrum disorder and another investigating the neurodevelopmental profile of serial killers.

Brock Bastian

Brock BastianDr. Brock Bastian is a social psychologist at the University of New South Wales who has published on the psychological benefits of painful experiences.